If You Want Our Texas Economy to Keep Moving...Then We Must Protect Texas' Good Roads.

  • The Cost of Doing Nothing

    The Cost of Doing Nothing: By failing to invest in highways, the cost is shifted to Texans in the form of wasted time stuck in traffic, damage to vehicles, accelerated tire wear, and increased likelihood of being in a serious accident.

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    "In Texas, worsening delays on Interstate 35 between San Antonio and Dallas, much of which has only two lanes each way, forces regional grocery chain H-E-B to charge about 15 cents more for a gallon of milk..." USA Today, May 2012

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    The Texas Legislature convenes in January 2015. We are continuing to work with stakeholders to promote policies that ensure Texas has good roads for years to come.

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Help us promote responsible infrastructure investments.

Texas Infrastructure Now was formed to educate Texans across the state about the importance of taking care of our state's road and water infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure is the very foundation upon which the Texas economy balances.

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  • About TGR

    Since 1932, membership in Texas Good Roads has been made up of business people, community leaders, chamber of commerce members, professionals and transportation experts – Texans who understand that good roads lead to a stronger economy.

    Our goal is to support the efforts of the Texas Department of Transportation in working with the Texas Legislature to promote efficient transportation.

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